Shirts - Bespoke
In the Bespoke service we will prepare a basted, "fitting shirt" for you. This shirt will be further fitted to your body after one or two fittings. Once the final detailing has been adjusted, your pattern is locked and we are ready to cut your actual order. Again collar and cuff style is unlimited and you can always change it per order or per shirt. All of our shirts either Made-to-Measure or Bespoke are cut by hand. Regardless of the service, we develop a specific pattern per client so we can repeat orders without fittings. In terms of stitching, we offer two lines: Machine-Stitched and Hand-Made. Both lines are French top stitched (side seams 3-4 millimeters) and we try to stitch as fine as possible (10-12 stitches per cm) creating a beautiful "clean" (invisible stitching) high quality shirt. This is the most time consuming method to produce a shirt (except the totally hand-made). Monograms are hand-stitched and can be placed anywhere on the shirt according to your preference. In our Hand-Made line shoulders, sleeves, back yoke and gussets are sewn by hand and adding an artistic effect which only few understand. Delivery Time for Machine-Stitched is 10-20 days and for Hand-Made an additional 10 days is required. *In the Bespoke service and only for the first order, time can be even more extended due to the process of fittings.