Suit with Personality
In the old times, most of suits were "Bespoke". This meant two things: Cut to the measurements of the client, and tailored by hand. Today in the era of mass production a bespoke suit is a luxury for few men who appreciate the art of tailoring. In Bespoke Athens we like to go a step further than just a Bespoke Suit.

We focus on the quality of the cloth, the materials (buttons, lining, threads, canvas, etc), the fit of the suit, and the line of the suit. Of course, the quality of the craft will transform a suit into a piece of art, but what really makes the difference is "personality". Others call it style, but for us personality is even more than just style. We are giving just as much attention to you, as we do the suit. We focus on making a suit with character; something stylish and different, something that cannot be expressed in words, a "Suit with Personality"…