About Us  
Vassilis Bourtsalas  
Welcome to the world of Bespoke Athens, a place of men's style and tailoring. Bespoke Athens was born on Christmas Eve of 2004, after I decided to change my corporate career and do what I really love. My retirement dream was to open a "Bespoke Athens" where my friends and I would spend our time getting dressed and dressing others with bespoke suits and stylish accessories. A major family event seven years ago turned things around and my retirement dream became my livelihood. I'm truly blessed that my dreams have become reality. I believe that everything "true" and "genuine" is beautiful and that when you do things you love miracles happen. I embody my passion and convictions for these values by dressing men like they've never been before. People may say I'm an entrepreneur with Bespoke Athens, but I feel more like a "tailoring researcher", who loves to share his findings afterwards. I've devoted my heart and soul to researching the craft of tailoring and to finding the finest craftsmen in the industry. It is my privilege to share my findings with my clients, by offering true craftsmanship with the finest cloths. To me, Bespoke Athens is not just a store. It is a tailoring lab and a gallery of style; a place for men who are looking for something exceptional, unique and rare. Think of us as a private gallery of artists for unique and exceptional art lovers.

Our added expression and detailing for our top-line garments make our work true masterpieces. There are no constraints and limitations. We love to break the rules! After we deliver one garment, we have already begun the process to make the next one even better. Various styles are available from our talented tailors and -- with our added spirit – become Bespoke Athens works of art. The ultimate goal is for each and every garment to have character and personality customized to each and every client! We are proud to share these write-ups from our suppliers and tailors:
Valentino Ricci Firas Chamsi-Pasha Jean Grimbert Detlev Diehm Mike Cohen Rolando Scapellato