A great suit or jacket needs a great shirt. We see shirts as an extension of our suits, so we offer exceptional fabrics and materials from the best in the world. Our shirt fabric collection is comprised of the finest Egyptian cotton, linen, fine cashmere and any other natural blends such as cotton/linen. The cotton fabrics in more detail are super-fine, two-ply's (thread count starts at 120s and goes up to 200s). We will always advise you on the best fabric to meet your needs from our great collection of designs, colors and weaves. As a compliment to the fabric quality, our shirts are stitched with special cotton threads and are finished with rare mother of pearl buttons. For our collars, we use a dual construction; fused or canvased depending upon your request. The softness or the hardness of the collar is also adjusted to your liking.

Our large collection of collars and cuffs can be selected, or used as a basis to create a completely customized one just for you. Our collar and cuff collection is continually updated, adjusted and improved adding new designs every year!

Fit and Construction. In terms of fitting and cut we are offering two services:
Made-to-Measure (M2M) and Bespoke.