Bespoke Suit-Jackets-Trousers
Welcome to the world of style. In our Bespoke line the garments are "tailored", suggesting a careful attention to the individual, as well as well as a hint of exclusivity and refinement, as Robert Doyle writes in his book "The art of the Tailor". Ordering a Bespoke suit from us will create and deliver a true artisan made suit. We will use hand-made work not only as a quality feature, but also as a style feature to add to the total look of the suit. Very few people understand that hand-made craftsmanship not only leads to a better construction or fit but mainly adds character to the look of the suit; it becomes "three dimensional". We can create suits heavily constructed with strong shape or feather light deconstructed jackets using just the cloth and thread (i.e. no canvas, no lining, and no pads). We offer any English, Italian or Napolitan style. We can even create something unique beyond a tailoring school, something esoteric expressing your character. We are more than happy to break any rules with you and go a step further…

Number of Fittings (excluding taking measures and delivery): 2-3
Time to Deliver: 6-10 weeks